Facility Performance

As facilities partners, ChillCo ensures each of our clients gets a customized solution that goes beyond support - becoming a key driver in performance management and reporting to achieve strategic objectives and boost profits.

At ChillCo Comprehensive Cooling solutions, our goal is to deliver a high-performance facility with a focus on innovative engineering and operational excellence. Our team has the technical knowledge and implementation resources to assist facilities in achieving their energy goals without compromising performance and reliability.

Energy Check – Benchmark & Audit Opportunities

The energy check consists of two processes: the preliminary assessment and the energy, operations and maintenance audit. An assessment will help to determine how the building is doing, if it's getting better or worse, where there are opportunities to save money and whether previous improvements have paid off.

Preliminary Assessment

  • Review past 3 years' energy bills
  • Review physical facility
  • Review operational practices
  • Establish baseline energy benchmark

Energy, Operations & Maintenance Audit

  • Project predicted performance
  • Evaluate short term and long term ECM's
  • Submit Energy Check Report
    • Operations, maintenance and technology upgrade initiatives

Energy Management System Optimization

Our team will work to identify in the following areas ways to optimize your energy management system to the fullest:

  • Determine data accuracy of Energy Management System information.
  • Evaluate control routines for optimal performance.
  • Evaluate operator user friendliness and usefulness of system.
  • Confirm that trending of necessary data is occurring.
  • Upgrade and integrate automated controls system or components as appropriate.

Energy Efficient Technology Upgrade

We’ll examine your HVAC System, Chiller Plant Equipment, Automated Controls, and other facility systems to:

  • Identify and prioritize equipment upgrade or replacement opportunities. 
  • Implement measures that are justified.

ChillCo Saves – Maintain, Monitor, Adjust & Report

The final step prepares your facility for optimal performance through:

  • Identifying HVAC equipment maintenance needs to achieve optimum reliability and efficiency.
  • Formal training, assisting facility owners in increasing in-house skill level.
  • Developing a Maintenance Service Agreement to supplement owner efforts where needed.
  • Providing scheduled and corrective equipment enhancement and repair services as needed.