Employee-Owned Company

ChillCo began its journey to full employee ownership in 2010. In December 2013, we were proud to announce that our journey was complete: ChillCo became 100% Employee-Owned and Operated! This extends our solid foundation of financial stability, management continuity and incentivised ownership to all of our employees through annual stock contributions made to the Employee Stock Ownership plan.

With full employee ownership, ChillCo is better positioned to achieve our corporate goals:

  • The employer of choice that continually attracts, develops and retains the best people in our industry.
  • A winning business strategy founded upon world-class teamwork continually delivering superior performance.
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction that produces a sustained competitive advantage.

ChillCo's Employee Ownership Philosophy

  • Increasing Participation: Employees have the opportunity to actively create and then share in the success of the company through ownership.
  • Tightening Alignment: Company-wide ownership, coupled with transparent, open-book management, links our employees to our twin financial objectives of continued expansion through profitable growth and competitive financial returns.
  • Strengthening Prosperity: ChillCo's enterprise value is now explicitly dependent upon the actions of all employees.