Compressor Reconditioning

Avoid unplanned downtime and loss of production from a catastrophic failure by allowing us to recondition your compressor.

ChillCo specializes in reconditioning screw and centrifugal compressors, from manufacturers such as York, Frick, FES (GEA), Mycom, Howden, Carrier, Trane, etc.

Whether a compressor runs ammonia, propylene, propane, CO2, R-22, R-134a, 407C, 507, ChillCo's experience is unmatched.

Process Refrigeration Services

High-quality reconditioned compressors provide economical insurance to extend the life of an industrial process refrigeration or large tonnage air conditioning system. Tolerances within all compressors are very critical. Since certain internal compressor components have a finite life expectancy, performing planned compressor reconditioning to bring the tolerances back to original design parameters saves valuable time and money.

We disassemble, clean, measure, inspect, balance and reassemble to like-new condition. Our remanufacturing team's final seal of approval confirms that a ChillCo-reconditioned compressor will perform reliably for years to come. ChillCo-reconditioned compressors include a standard one-year warranty, however other warranty options are available.

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